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Clinical Audit

The concept of Clinical Audit was introduced by the European Commission Directive 97/43/Euratom (so called MED directive), 30 June 1997, on health protection of individuals against the dangers of ionizing radiation in relation to medical exposure, and repealing Directive 84/466/Euratom.

For the purpose of the directive, Clinical audit was defined in the MED directive as follows:

Clinical audit: a systematic examination or review of medical radiological procedures which seeks to improve the quality and the outcome of patient care through structured review whereby radiological practices, procedures and results are examined against agreed standards for good medical radiological procedures, with modification of practices where indicated and the application of new standards if necessary.

Article 6, item 4 of the MED directive gives the following requirement:

Clinical audits shall be carried out in accordance with national procedures

Royal College of Radiologists

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There are several pdf links on Clinical Audit that I cannot create embedded hyperlinks to or create successfully in the 'Downloads' page. The details are given below. Google them and download directly from the internet.

Clinical Audit:What it is and what it isn't

Royal College of Psychiatrist guidance. PDF download

Undertaking a Clinical Audit Project. A step by step guide.

Royal College of Psychiatrist guidance. PDF download

Clinical Audit Resources

Royal College of Psychiatrist guidance. PDF download

Principles for Best Practice in Clinical Audit

Huge PDF download from NICE

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How to do a radiology audit or poster

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