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BSPR 2004 Programme





09.00-09.30 Registration.

SESSION 1     Chair – Dr Sara Harrison

09.20-10.0 Dr Sue King (Guest Speaker)

Imaging of Paediatric Head & Neck masses.

10.00-10.50 Proffered Papers

- Can ultrasound differentiate biliary atresia from other causes of jaundice in infants?

TM Humphrey, MD Stringer – Leeds

- Auditing your MCU doses can be quite interesting – no seriously!

IJ Kenney - Brighton

- Imaging after first UTI in infancy – when can cystography be omitted?

- Moorthy I, McHugh K, Easty M, Biassoni L, Ridout D, Gordon I – GOS London

- Use of real time ultrasound to assess vocal cord function in infants.

A Howarth, G Williams, G Robin, S Morris – Cardiff

10.50-11.10 Coffee Break

SESSION 2   Chair – Dr Sue Morris

11.10-11.40 Dr Brian Ayres (Guest Speaker)

The Radiological Aspects of the National Patient Safety Agency

11.40-12.30 Proffered Papers

- Aspects of practice in pneumatic reduction of Intussusception.

J Fairhurst, H Rassoulian – Southampton

- Treatment of recurrent intussusception

N Townsend, A Ali, A Shabani – Manchester

- The role of ultrasound in the assessment of children with suspected gastro oesophageal reflux disease (GORD) and comparison with continuous 24 hour pH monitoring oesophageal studies.

R Guirguis, N Galal, JV Cook, SK Chong, M Warren. Queen Mary’s Hospital for Children Epsom and St Helier NHS Trust

- Review of imaging findings in acute appendicitis: Is there a difference between pre-school and school-age children?

J Yarr, A Patterson. Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children

12.30-13.30 Lunch

13.30-14.0 AGM

SESSION 3    Chair – Dr Alison Evans

14.00-14.40 - The Forensic Examination of the Infant and Young


Dr S Leadbeatter – Home Office Pathologist

14.40-15.30 Proffered Papers

- Digital Imaging in NAI: A ROC Study

Offiah A C, Moon L, Hall CM, Todd-Pokropek A

- Suspected child abuse: what radiological investigation should be performed? A Systematic Review. Welsh Child Protection Systematic Review Group

A Butler, S Maguire, AM Kemp, M Mann, S Morris, JR Sibert – Cardiff

- How old is the fracture? Radiological dating of fractures in children.

- A systematic review. Welsh Child Protection Systematic Review Group

I Prosser, S Maguire, S Harrison, M Mann, JR Sibert, AM Kemp – Cardiff

- What fractures are suggestive of NAI – A Systematic Review Welsh Child Protection Systematic Review Group

S Datta, S Maguire, A Kemp, S Harrison, JR Sibert – Cardiff

15.30-15.50 Tea Break

15.50-16.45 Proferred Papers

- Optimal Exposure Parameters for Digital Radiography of the infant skull: A Pilor Study

Offiah AC, Grehan J, Hall CM, Todd-Pokropek A

- The use of MR and Ultrasound Imaging in diagnosis of paediatric muscle disease

L Hartley – Cardiff

- 1H – MR Spectroscopy of childhood brain tumours

L MacPherson – Birmingham

- MRI identifies subclinical features that predict extension or arthritis in children with oligoarthritis

M Pakkal, K Johnson, J Gardner-Medwin*, CAJ Ryder – Birmingham Children’s Hospital and Glasgow University*

16.45 Close

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