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BSPR 2007 Posters

The British Society of Paediatric Radiology

Scientific Meeting 2007


Perianal complications of paediatric Crohn’s disease – pictorial review. Haque S, Hindle K, Kaleem M. Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital

Audit of paediatric barium swallows/meals. D’Sa A, Pasha Y, Maheshwaran S, Mayday University Hospital, Croydon.

Collaboration in paediatric radiology – results of a questionnaire survey. Roberts I. Sheffield Childen’s Hospital.

An audit to assess whether MAG3 renograms processed by the ManRen software give comparable results to GE processing softward. Tang V, Wilson B, Lawson R. Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital.

Imaging characteristics of juvenile dermatomyositis: a pictorial review. Sudigali V, Ramaman AV, Mackenzie S, Grier D. Bristol Children’s Hospital.

Imaging of rhabdomyosarcoma in childen: a pictorial review. Sudigali V, Mackenzie S, Grier D. Bristol Children’s Hospital.

Pearls and pitfalls in musculoskeletal infections in children – a pictorial review. Owen N, Chaudhuri R, Young J. Wittington Hospital, London.

Journey through the posterior urethral valve, Arcot Ragupathy SK, Duncan K, Gomersall L. Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital.

Intravascular ultrasound of non-coronary arterial pathology. McLaren C, Roebuck D. Great Ormond Street Hospital, London.

Osteopenia and rickets of prematurity. Rosewarne DM, Johnson K. Birmingham Children’s Hospital

Audit of paediatric brain CT radiation doses with Siemens Caredose algorithm.

Rosewarne DM, Shimal A, Wee B, Emery C. Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

A rapidly rowing skull lump: a case of cranial fasciitis in a 5 year old. Lip G, Duncan K. Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital.

Radiation doses from paediatric pharyngeal videofluoroscopy. Grattan LJ, Yarr J McClelland M, Wright R. Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children.

Chloroma-an unusual complication of actue lymphoblastic leukaemia. Philip S, Helms E, Mackenzie S, Bristol Children’s Hospital.

Look before you leap – a taster of trampoline injuries. Dimond DJ, Giles CF. Bristol Children’s Hospital.

A pictorial review of paediatric thoracic TB – the Temple Street experience. Barley F, Elliott LA, Moya E.

 Bradford upon Trent.

Does this child need an appendicectomy? Hoey E, Mankad K, Kumar N. Great Ormond Street Hospital, London.

Diagnosis of non-cystic fibrosis bronchiectasis in childhood: chest radiograph Vs HRCT, Gowdy SC, Mitchell L, Gunkanagh. Freedom Hospital, Newcastle upon Tyne.

Congenital Megalourethre. Manickam S, Palaniappan M. Darlington Memorial Hospital & Queen’s Hospital, Burton-upon-Trent.

Audit of non-operative reduction of intussusception. Young H, Brown J. Bristol Children’s Hospital.

I noticed this lump on his head last night …. Lindsay R, Paterson A, Thornbury GD, Sweeney LE, Wright RER. Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children.

Fracture dating in children. An imaging guide. Amin S, McCann C, Landes C. Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, Liverpool.

Pictorial Review of CT findings of penetrating and blunt trauma in children. Seah M, Sellars M. Kings College Hospital, London.

Imaging of Kaposi’s sarcoma in a 22 month child. Negus S, Gkentzi D, Chakroborty R, Vaidya S, Allan R. St George’s Hospital, London.

The “ins and outs” of malrotation: embryology, imaging with surgical correlation. Seah M, Sellars M. Kings College Hospital, London.

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