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Great Ormond Street Hospital

Great Ormond Street Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Great Ormond Street

London WC1N 3JH

Main switchboard phone number:

020 7405 9200

Drs Susie Goodwin and Prem Patel, current Interventional Fellows, written November 2012.

Paediatric Interventional Radiology Fellowship at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, London.

A one year period of subspecialty training/fellowship in Paediatric Interventional Radiology is available at Great Ormond Street Hospital – a world-famous large, tertiary children’s hospital located in central London. This post is available to specialty trainees with an interest in Interventional Radiology, ideally those who have completed the FRCR examinations. The post is advertised via the London Deanery website and is open to non-London based trainees:

Fellows gain experience in a variety of paediatric interventional radiology procedures.

There is one to one supervision by a consultant interventional radiologist. Common interventional procedures include vascular access, biopsy (targeted and non-targeted) and drainage procedures. There is also a variety of vascular and non-vascular intervention cases including vascular angiography, embolisation and stenting, thrombolysis and thrombectomy, GI and urological intervention, tracheal intervention and radiological treatment of vascular anomalies.

There is a regular (one day per week) commitment to training in Paediatric Diagnostic Radiology, and the opportunity to attend MDT meetings. The fellow joins the Paediatric Diagnostic Radiology trainee on-call rota, currently a 1B banding (approximately 1 in 7; non-resident).

Great Ormond Street Hospital is an exclusively specialist children's hospital in the UK. It does not have an Accident and Emergency department and only accepts specialist referrals from other hospitals and community services. The population of children served by the hospital is characterised by those with multiple disabilities and/or health problems and rare and congenital conditions. The Department of Radiology at Great Ormond Street offers a full range of diagnostic imaging services. The interventional service currently has 4 full time consultants.

Fellows are subject to the standard Deanery ARCP/RITA educational review processes to ensure satisfactory progression of training. The fellow is expected to participate in teaching of undergraduates, postgraduates and medical staff within the Trust. Active engagement in research and audit is strongly encouraged. There is access to hospital library facilities in the Institute of Child Health.

Annual leave and study leave is available as provided for under the Terms and Conditions of Service of Hospital Medical & Dental Staff.

Dr Sophie Swinson, Consultant Paediatric Radiologist, Leeds Childrens Hospital,

written October 2012

I did a year 5 fellowship at Great Ormond Street from April 2011 to February 2012. I was appointed for one year with the option of staying on for a period of grace but I returned to my own region prior to my CCT in order to be eligible for a period of grace locally. I was one of 3 fellows.

I took part in a flexible work rota with the other fellows and rotating registrars and I also had a training and administrative role (teaching, organising rotas) etc. The weekly timetable varied but would include plain film, ultrasound, MRI, CT, fluoroscopy and nuclear medicine with concentrated blocks in neuro-radiology and intervention. The fellows work across all modalities but there is scope to focus on specific areas of interest such as MRI or intervention. The fellows play an active role in leading clinico-radiological meetings .

There was plenty of opportunity to get involved in research projects and writing papers. I also got involved in service improvement work. I would recommend the fellowship to anyone looking for dedicated experience in paediatric radiology in this country. The posts are nationally advertised and appointed centrally at interview through the London Deanery. My salary was standard SpR rates with oncall banding and London weighting.

I interviewed successfully for my consultant post one month after returning from my fellowship and I am currently a paediatric radiology consultant at Leeds Childrens Hospital.


Written by Dr Tom Watson, Recent GOSH Fellow, in November 2012

Great Ormond Street Fellowship:

The fellowship at Great Ormond Street has recently been taken under the auspices of the London deanery. This means that it is now considered a sub-speciality training post for pre-CCT trainees, therefore, salary is on the standard StR scale currently with a 1B banding (40%).

There is a consultant-led 24 hour on-call service, with a fellow or senior SpR ‘first on’ at all times. One of the fellows takes on the weekly rota organisation and on-call rota, a second is responsible for organising the weekly teaching schedule.

Participation in new and on-going departmental research is actively encouraged and there are opportunities to write review papers, book chapters and case reports.

Fellows rotate through all the main modalities on a weekly basis, including plain radiography, ultrasound, fluoroscopy and CT/MRI. Experience in Neuroradiology, Nuclear medicine and Intervention are also easily organised. There is dedicated teaching every lunchtime and senior fellows lead one of the sessions. There are a multitude of MDTs at the hospital, some of which are unique in the UK and all of which are a great learning opportunity. Senior fellows are actively encouraged to participate and lead some of these meetings.

The training structure consists of:

3 General Radiology Fellows

1 Interventional Fellow

3-4 Trainees: From a variety of London schemes usually 3rd year and above who take part in the on-call rota

3+ trainees: usually more junior who are not on-call

A variable number of visiting international fellows

There is no emergency department at Great Ormond Street and patients may only be referred via secondary care. Therefore opportunities to gain experience in areas such as trauma CT, A&E plain film reporting and Hip screening ultrasound can be had via training arrangements with other London hospitals.

The Great Ormond Street Radiology Fellowship is a fantastic dedicated paediatric radiology training opportunity within the UK and would be perfect for those with a keen interest in a career in paediatric radiology.

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