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Join the BSPR

What types of membership are available?

Full Membership

Full membership is open, by application to the Executive Committee, to all practising consultant radiologists, in the UK or Republic of Ireland, who have a special interest in paediatric radiology. Currently, there are about 350 members. All full members have voting rights at the Annual General Meeting, can stand for elections and hold office. The initial fee for joining is now £50 and the subsequent yearly membership fee is £50, as agreed at the AGM held at BSPR 2013 in York. Fees are set, by the Executive Committee, to cover administrative expenses.

Trainee Membership (new membership type in 2013)

The fees for full members were increased at the AGM held at BSPR 2013 in York. There was discussion, although no firm decision, on whether trainees should be offered free or reduced rates for membership and whether they would have voting rights. The Executive Committee will bring a proposal about Trainee Membership to the society during 2014.

Retired Membership

Radiologists who are no longer in practice but have chosen to continue to pay a reduced fee, the amount being set by the Executive committee from time to time. Retired members do not have voting rights at the Annual General Meeting nor can they stand for elections or hold office. There is no reduction in the fee for Retired Members who wish to attend the BSPR annual meeting.

Associate Membership

All members of the Association of Paediatric Radiographers are associate members of the BSPR and are entitled to attend the societies meetings upon payment of an appropriate fee to be set by the meeting organiser. Associate members do not have voting rights at the Annual General Meeting nor can they stand for elections or hold office. Overseas radiologists are discouraged from applying for Associate membership, as the Executive feel that an overseas paediatric radiology society would be more beneficial for their education.

Corporate Membership

The BSPR does not offer corporate membership.

How do I apply for membership?

The membership process is organised by Helen Bray. Helen is the new part time Administrative Secretary who will be taking over running the membership of the society, dealing with membership queries, aiding the Honorary Secretary and Treasurer and the Chairman. She is also the contact for access to the members area of the myBSPR website. She can be contacted at

[email protected]

There is a £50 one off joining fee, and then a £50 annual fee payable in January of each year.

If you are a trainee, you will need a letter of good standing from a local consultant Radiologist.

Please use the 'Contact' page, if you wish to join or have have any questions about membership.

Members Area

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