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Past Meetings and Prizewinners

BSPR 2013 - York


AN AUDIT OF THE REFERRAL INDICATIONS AND FINDINGS AT A TERTIARY REFERRAL CENTRE. SG Watson, S Shelmerdine, F Murphy, S Negus - Departments of Radiology and Paediatric Urology, St. George's Hospital, London

Poster Prize: US Assessment of the Female Reproductive system under 16. Dr Cliff et al, York

A Discretionary Medical student honorarium (£100) to S Winward for an oral presentation during a Scientific Session.


S Winward, M Waller, S Rimmer, J Kraft - Leeds Medical School, Dept of Medical Physics, Leeds General Infirmary Clarendon Radiology Dept, Leeds General Infirmary

BSPR 2012 - London

CDM Prize: Clavicle radiographs in children: a waste of time and radiation? M Jackson, M-P Lirette, P Leonard.

Poster Prize: Body weight predicts spinal canal dept in children for safe lumbar puncture.

O Arthurs, H Baillie, M Stavel, M Murray, W Kelsall .

A Discretionary Medical student honorarium (£100) to L Summers for two oral presentations during a Scientific Session.

Replacing Conventional spine radiographs with DXA in children with suspected reduction in bone density

Novel assessment of fracture risk in children using finite element (FE) analysis of lateral spine DXA scans.

BSPR 2011 - Southampton

CDM Prize: Paediatric Cervical Spine CT in Trauma: Are We Finding Any Genuine Pathology or Are Clinicians and Radiologists Being Misled By Normal Variations? Akhtar S, Beeston E, Amonkar SJ, Pennine Acute Hospitals Trust

Poster Prize: Ureteric Stenting as an Adjunct to Surgery Improves Regression of Hydronephrosis and Clinical Outcome in Children with Pelviureteric Junction Obstruction. Chowdhury, M, Elmalik K, Capps S.

A Special Commendation was given to Dr Amaka Offiah for her high quality and original scientific research.

BSPR 2010 - Nottingham

CDM Prize: The value of axial sequenced in MRI assessment of childhood scoliosis. Joseph Jacoby and Joanna Fairhurst.

Poster Prize: CT Leg Length Investigation. Nicola Bate, Amy Comrie, Simon McGurk

An additional honorarium was awarded to medical students Charlotte Adams and Emily Ashworth from Bristol Children’s Hospital for their audit ‘Ultrasound as a tool to detect the nature of cervical lymphadenopathy in children’

BSPR 2009 - Glasgow

CDM Prize: Implementation of the NICE Guidelines for imaging children with urinary tract infection – the Leicester experience. Dr Adam Thomas

Poster Prize: Non-thyroidal tissue on Ultrasound of the neck in infants with congenital hypothyroidism due to lingual ectopia: the Morag phenomenon. Morag Attaie, Jeremy Jones, David Neumann, Sanjay Maroo and Malcolm Donaldson

BSPR 2008 - Birmingham

CDM Prize: Skeletal surveys for suspected NAI – how important is it to double report?. Dr Haran Jogeesvaran

Poster Prize: Does exposure to fetal magnetic resonance imaging cause objective neonatal hearing loss?. Dr Michael Reeves.

BSPR 2007 - Bristol

CDM Prize: Computer aided detection for the identification of Pulmonary nodules in paediatric oncology. Dr Emma Helm

Poster Prize was split between: Intravascular ultrasound of non-coronary arterial pathology. Dr Claire McLaren and Non-cystic bronchiectasis in childhood: CXR vs HRCT. Dr SC Gowdy

The judges were also impressed by radiographer Miss Donna Dimond’s presentation of ‘Imaging Tarsal Coalition’ It was agreed that the BSPR would pay her registration and travel to next year's meeting in Birmingham (£250 max).

BSPR 2006 - Leeds

CDM Prize: Split between two presentations

Preoperative assessment for suitability of Rex Shunt - An initial experience. Dr E Hoey

Posterior reversible Encephalopathy Syndrome: A Clinicoradiological Review. Dr C Miller

Poster Prize: CT Brain Scans in suspected cases of NAI - A National Survey. Dr Mankad

The judges were also impressed by medical student Sarah Waller's presentation on Bone Ages and agreed to fund her attendance of the meeting and give her presentation a Commendation.

BSPR 2005 - Edinburgh

CDM Prize: IVC compromise in children. Dr R Allen

BSPR 2004 - Cardiff

CDM Prize: MRI identifies subclinical features that predicts extension of arthritis in children with oligoarthritis. Dr M Parkkal

BSPR 2003 - Liverpool

CDM Prize: Pulmonary Tuberculosis in a community College outbreak. Dr Y Cribbin

BSPR 2002 - Sheffield

CDM Prize: Do clinically silent subdural haemorrhages occur in the neonate? Dr Elizabeth Whitby

BSPR 2001 - London

CDM Prize: MR Venography in Children. Dr Sandra J Butler

BSPR 2000 - Slough

CDM Prize: Unknown presentation. Dr Bernd Wittcop

BPRIG Meetings

1999 - Leeds

CDM Prize: Unknown presentation. Dr Lesley MacPherson

1998 - Belfast

CDM Prize: Keeping to the NICE guidelines for UTI investigation. Dr David Horton

1997 - Derby

1996 - Aberdeen

1995 - Southampton

1994 - Manchester

1993 - Glasgow

1992 - Peterborough

1991 - Brighton

1990 - Birmingham

1989 - Liverpool

1988 - Nottingham

1987 - Edinburgh

1986 - Bristol

1985 - Sheffield

1984 - Dublin

1983 - Leeds

1982 - Sheffield

1981 - Birmingham

1980 - Liverpool

1979 - Sheffield

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