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BSPR Junior Forum Terms of Reference

BSPR Junior Forum Terms of Reference


· To provide a discussion forum and focussed support for new consultants practising paediatric radiology (as a sole specialty or special interest) within 5 years of CCT.

· To support trainees considering a career in paediatric radiology (as a sole specialty or special interest). To foster their interest and facilitate opportunities for career development.

· To encourage an interest in paediatric radiology amongst radiology trainees.


Membership of the junior forum is open to all members of BSPR who are trainees (at any stage of training) or new consultants (within 5 years of CCT).

Consultant representative

The consultant representative should be a new consultant (see above) and a member of BSPR. The post will be for a maximum of 3 years. The consultant representative will be a member of the executive committee of BSPR.

Trainee representative

The trainee representative should be a member of BSPR and be in STR 4 or 5 (or equivalent) or undertaking higher training in paediatric radiology. He /she should intend to pursue a career or special interest in paediatric radiology. The post will be for a maximum of 2 years. The post should be relinquished following appointment to consultant (at the latest this should be prior to the annual conference following appointment).

Election of new consultant and trainee representatives

The elections will be run by the consultant representative of the junior forum. Vacant posts will be advertised via email and on the myBSPR website. Applicants should be nominated by a junior forum member of BSPR. If only one member wishes to stand, he or she will be elected unopposed. If two or more members stand, there will be a ballot of the junior forum membership either by email ballot or at the annual conference. Should either of the posts fall vacant, the chair of BSPR has the right to appoint an interim representative until an election can be arranged.

Sophie Swinson, consultant representative of the junior forum. November 2013

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