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Some useful books and articles on medical writing


The Elements of Style, Fourth Edition

Strunk & White. 105 pages. Longmans. 1999

A classic. Buy this if you want to write - unless you are already a writer

Strunk & White

A-Z of Medical Writing

Tim Albert. 160 pages. Blackwell. 2000

I have not read this. Amazon have a 'look through' section if you are considering buying.

A to Z of Medical Writing

Winning the Publications Game: How to Write a Medical Paper without Neglecting Your Patients: 3

Tim Albert. 114 pages. Radcliffe. 2008

Winning the Publications Game

Write Effectively: A Quick Course for Busy Health Workers

Tim Albert. 140 pages.Radcliffe. 2008

Write Effectively

The Complete Guide to Medical Writing

Mark Stuart. 491 pages. Pharmaceutical Press. 2007

I have not read this. Amazon have a 'look through' section if you are considering buying.

Medical Writing

Medical Writing: A Prescription for Clarity

Goodman et al. 266 pages. Cambridge. 2006

I have not read this. Amazon have a 'look through' section if you are considering buying.

Goodman et al


Plain English Campaign

Cut out meaningless verbiage/ management speak

Plain English Campaign

The Center for Teaching and Learning English Writing Lab

S Korea site. Lots of downloadable resources on every aspect of medical and scientific writing


Introduction to Journal-Style Scientific Writing

Intro to scientific writing

Michael LaRoccas website

'How to Write a Scientific Paper worth Reading'

Find the pdf link at the bottom of the Homepage.

Larocca white paper

Medical writing

A short but very useful article pointing to useful sites for style and grammar

Medical Writing

Staying safe by avoiding plagiarism

Avoid plagiarism

International Society of Addiction Journal Editors

Publishing Addiction Second Edition available as downloadable pdf chapters from this site.

Covers every aspect of research, authorship, and publishing in 14 chapters

ISAJE book

Members Area

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